A singularly scenic expedition across the Japan Alps

Marvel at massive snow walls at this premiere eco-tourism destination

Spanning 90 kilometers and covering an elevation change of 2,400 meters, the Tateyama Alpine Route—comprising part of Chūbu-Sangaku National Park—astounds nature lovers with some of Japan’s most dynamic mountain vistas.
Your journey begins with a steep cable car climb up to a virgin forest of mighty ancient cedars.

Then comes a winding bus ride featuring a massive snow corridor (with walls as high as 17 meters!) and other stunning vistas at every turn.
Next you’ll board an electric trolley bus and tunnel through the heart of sacred Mt. Tateyama, emerging to one of the world's most unique ropeways boasting incredible panoramic views of a steep alpine gorge.

Then comes an underground cable car to Japan's highest arch dam, Kurobe Dam, and beautiful mountain scenery reflected in the waters of Lake Kurobe. With hot spring resorts, hiking routes, campgrounds, and cultural and historic sites along the way, there’s truly something for everyone—and snack bars at each station will ensure that you don’t go hungry.
The entire trip will take 6-7 hours, and is best enjoyed from April to June, when the snow walls are at their highest.

Tateyama is 3.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet and local train, with abundant accommodation options for those looking to stay overnight.

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