A Sublime Sushi Experience in the Heart of Ginza

Dine on supremely crafted nigiri in the Edomae tradition at Ginza SUSHI AOKI

An unassuming lantern on the street outside is all that marks the entrance to Ginza SUSHI AOKI, an internationally acclaimed sushi bar in Tokyo's ritzy Ginza district. Score a seat at the counter, however, and you’ll soon realize that there’s nothing modest about the food on offer.

Chef Aoki follows the traditional Edomae style of preparation, using the freshest seafood sourced daily from the Toyosu Fish Market. A true culinary artist, Chef Aoki does not follow set recipes, but rather lets the day’s catch and even the weather guide him in his preparation. A frequent highlight of the menu is gizzard shad, as well as creamy sea urchin and tuna of the highest quality.

If you want to enjoy the taste of Ginza SUSHI AOKI from the comfort of your home or hotel room, don’t miss out on their takeaway sushi bento. From a simple-is-best chirashi sushi featuring choice morsels of seafood over rice to the beautiful temari-style ball sushi bento, this is one takeout meal that rises above all others.

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