Immerse your body and mind in a high-tech museum without borders

Lose yourself in a world of 3D wonders created by the hottest high-tech art collective

TeamLab’s Borderless is a cutting-edge museum sure to shatter your preconceptions about art.

Step inside this vast and complex 10,000-squaremeter space, and you’ll discover works of light and sound melding and feeding off of each other to create a seamless symphony of creative expression. With the artwork constantly changing and ever evolving, you’ll feel as if you’re a part of the exhibit, shaping the world around you as you explore your surroundings.
Should you need a rest, stop by the museum tea house, where the fusion interactive art and organic green tea will stimulate your mind and heal the body and soul. Borderless is located inside the Mori Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Tickets may be reserved online or via major convenience stores.