Scenic Drive
9.0 km
1 h0min
Chojabaru Visitor Center
Hatchobaru Geothermal Power Plant

Mount Sensui Green Road Scenic Drive and Hike

A driving course that takes you through fields of Japanese pampas grass to the volcanoes of Kuju

Take a drive through swaying fields of Japanese pampas grass on the highland of Mount Shimosensui (1,296 m). Along the way, you'll see active volcanic peaks and steaming geothermal power plants.

Once you leave Chojabaru and Tadewara Marsh, you'll drive down the Sensui Green Road. If you follow this path along the foot of Mount Sensui, Mount Waita (1,500 m) comes into view. This peak is also known as Oguni Fuji because it resembles Mount Fuji. Continue through the hot spring resort of Sujiyu and you'll arrive at Komatsujigoku. Park your vehicle here and take the path for about 20 minutes, to a place filled with volcanic steam and bubbling mud pools. This is why Komatsujigoku is called "the hell of Komatsu."

Return to the parking lot and travel a little further to the Hatchobaru geothermal power plant—Japan's most powerful geothermal facility—and watch huge clouds of steam being released into the sky.

Route Map

Mt. Sensui Green Road Scenic Drive and Hike

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