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Aso-Kuju National Park

Discover Aso-Kuju’s caldera lake views and sweeping grasslands

Few landscapes are quite as awe-inspiring as that of Aso-Kuju, where expanses of moors, hot springs and vast mountain ranges conjure an eerie terrain.

Mount Aso, one of the world’s largest caldera volcanoes, is undoubtedly its most impressive feature. Its 100-kilometer circumference is a bubbling, constant reminder of Japan’s extraordinary volcanic activity. You can see the caldera from nearby mountains, or, for unrivaled views of this vast site, you can even book a helicopter tour.

Beyond the caldera, you can explore Aso-Kuju National Park’s wetlands and Kuju Hanakoen flower park, a 220,000-square-meter space filled with over 3 million plants.

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