Scenic Drive
14.0 km
1 h0min
Senomoto Rest House (former name: Sanai Rest House)

Yamanami Highway Scenic Drive

A scenic drive from Chojobaru to Aso along "The Rooftop of Kyushu"

Along the scenic Yamanami Highway, you will see beautiful vistas of the Kuju mountain range and Tadewara Marsh. Enjoy the grasslands sprawling between Mount Io, Mount Mimata (1,745 m) and Mount Hossho (1,762 m) in the distance.

As you drive from Chojabaru Onsen, the slopes of Mount Hossho draw closer. After about a 10-minute drive, you will reach the highest point on the Yamanami Highway—Makinoto Pass (1,333 m). From the pass you can see spectacular views of blooming flowers during spring and summer, colorful foliage during fall and frosted grasslands during winter. As you descend to the Senomoto Plateau, the Aso Gogaku Five Peaks will come into view. The views on the Yamanami Highway have earned it the name "The Rooftop of Kyushu."

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Yamanami Highway Scenic Drive

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