2 days
Plan your visit carefully and allow plenty of time for your activities in the park. Always check the latest weather information, and avoid overexerting yourself if you feel unwell.


Discover the Wonders of Kerama Blue in Okinawa

Explore the transparent waters around Zamamijima Island in this unforgettable two-day experience. Snorkel, kayak, and standup paddleboard around the white sand beaches and bask in the bliss of this dream destination.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Kayaking and snorkeling along vibrant coral reefs.

  • Standup paddleboarding over crystal clear waters.

  • Experiencing the pristine natural environment of the Kerama Islands.

  • Relaxing in a tropical getaway.

Trip Overview

Plunge into Kerama Blue
Enjoy SUP and a healthy organic meal
Day 1

Plunge into Kerama Blue

Take the high-speed ferry (roughly a 50-minute ride) or regular ferry (approximately 120 minutes) from Naha Tomari Port to Zamamijima Island in the morning. The island is the second-largest of the Kerama Islands.

Find a lunch spot, then walk to the Kerama Kayak Center. You'll spend the next hours kayaking and snorkeling along the coral reefs and soaking up the beautifully bright shade of color known as "Kerama Blue." The views of the water and its marine life will fill you with awe. Better yet, the expert staff of the center can provide guidance to first-time kayakers and those who aren't confident in their swimming so everyone can enjoy the experience.

Showers and lockers are available at the Kerama Kayak Center, as well as a shop selling various souvenirs and kayak-related goods. Once your guided experience concludes, return to the beach of white sand and travel onward to your hotel.

In the evening, you can choose to travel to Inazaki Observatory at the northern end of Zamamijima Island. From here you can get gorgeous views of the surrounding Agunijima Island, Tonakijima Island, and Kumejima Island on clear days. This is also a popular whale-watching spot between December and April, when humpback whales can often be spotted in the vicinity.

Day 2

Enjoy SUP and a healthy organic meal

Depending on your hotel location, walk or arrange to be picked up for your half-day guided experience of standup paddleboarding. You'll get to see amazing views of the underwater world, including the coral, sea turtles, fish, and other elements of the ecosystem here. Enjoy a healthy organic lunch as part of the experience,

After lunch, take a shower and change into fresh clothes. You can go to Zamami Port for your return ferry to Naha as you wish. Alternatively, for those wishing to experience more of Keramashoto National Park, there are plenty more activities to fill another day or two.

Besides the area around the port, there are other beaches where you can relax or enjoy some water sports, such as Furuzamami Beach on the east side and Ama Beach to the west. Beyond the coastline, there are also various hiking trails that crisscross the island's hilly terrain and offer beautiful views.

No matter how you choose to spend your time, one visit to Zamamijima Island won't be enough. You'll find yourself yearning to come back before you've even left the island.

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