How to Get There

Keramashoto National Park

From Tokyo: 4–5.5 hr

How to Get There

Keramashoto National Park comprises over 30 islands and their surrounding waters and is between 35 minutes and two hours by boat from Okinawa's main island. Only four of the park’s islands are inhabited, including Tokashikijima, Zamamijima and Akajima islands. It is possible to enjoy many areas of the park without a private vehicle by relying on hotel and tour operator shuttle services, renting a bicycle or walking. However, renting a car provides more freedom. There is no vehicle hire on Akajima Island, so consider hiring a car in Naha and taking it to the Kerama Islands via a car ferry or renting a bicycle to facilitate visits to the smaller islands that connect to Akajima Island by bridge.

From Tokyo

Fly from Haneda Airport to Naha Airport on Okinawa Island in about three hours. From there, take the Yui Rail monorail to Miebashi Station, and walk to Tomari Port Terminal (10 min) or take a taxi from the airport (10–20min). Once at the port, take a Tokashiki Ferry boat to Tokashikijima Island, Zamamijima Island, or Akajima Island. The trip from Naha to Tokashiki takes 35 minutes by high-speed boat or 70 minutes by car ferry, while the journey from Naha to Zamamijima Island takes 1 hour by high-speed boat or 2 hours by car ferry, including the transfer at Akajima Island. Demand is high, so book your tickets in advance.

Getting Around

Tokashikijima Island has three small villages, Tokashiki, Tokashiku and Aharen—ports are located at Tokashiki and Aharen. The villages are connected by infrequent bus service, timed to coincide with the ferries from Naha (arriving at Tokashiki Port) and Akajima Island (arriving at Aharen Port). The Mitsushima Ferry operates inter-island services between Tokashikijima, Zamamijma and Akajima islands. Daily trips between Akajima and Zamamijima do not require reservations. Traveling between Zamamijima and Akajima to Tokashikijima's Aharen Port requires reservations made through the Zamami Village Office the day before travel.

Car rental companies are located near Tokashiki Port (pick-up from/to Aharen Port available upon arrangement). Renting a car makes it easier to travel around the islands, and also allows you to visit Gerumajima Island and Fukajishima Island using the bridges from Akajima Island. Renting a car in Naha and taking it on a car ferry (Ferry Zamami) is an option. However, as previously mentioned, it’s possible to enjoy the islands without a car by walking or hiring a bicycle and using pickup services provided by accommodation and tour companies.