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Yamaguchi | Anko Anglerfish in Shimonoseki

Taste the foie gras of the sea in Shimonoseki City

Anko is a fish that lives on the seabed. Although it looks grotesque, you can eat everything except the mouth with sharp teeth. You can enjoy its light and elegant white meat, collagen-rich skin and cartilage, and the rich taste of its liver often called the foie gras of the sea. Shimonoseki City, known as a fishery city, has the largest amount of angler fish landed in Japan. Shimonoseki City sets November 23 as "Anko Day" every year. The Shimonoseki Fish Festival, which is held on the same day every year, is loved by many people who are looking for "Anko Nabe"(Japanese stew of Anglerfish).



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