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Aichi | Hitsumabushi, a famous eel dish of Aichi

Hitsumabushi prepared with locally grown, high-quality “unagi” eel specially-grilled with rich tamari sauce
Aichi Prefecture is the second-largest producer of eels in Japan. You can easily find restaurants here that serve Hitsumabushi, a popular eel dish of Japan. It is served in a wooden bowl called "ohitsu," and in this bowl, chopped "kabayaki"—grilled eel seasoned with tamari sauce—is placed on top of rice. You can enjoy this tasty dish in three different ways: First, scoop out the rice and kabayaki into a smaller bowl and enjoy it as it is. Second, scoop out another and add some chopped spring onions, dried laver seaweed, and wasabi onto it. Finally, repeat the second step, pour a hot specially-made broth on it, and enjoy the taste the mixture creates.


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