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Hyogo | Kinosaki Onsen

A historic hot spring town with seven bathhouses to discover

Kinosaki Onsen is a 1,300-year-old hot spring town that has been awarded Michelin two stars and is famous for its seven bathhouses(onsen) in which guests can go onsen-hopping. When guests stay at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) in Kinosaki, they receive a pass to visit all seven onsen, which are all within walking distance of one another. There are several other hot spring towns in Japan, but few have so many public bathhouses of varying style in such close proximity. Some tourists to Kinosaki Onsen make a point of visiting all seven public hot springs during their stay, but this was not possible in 2020 as one of them, Goshono-yu, had unfortunately been closed for renovations. It re-opened in November 2020, reuniting the seven bathhouses once again! No matter how many bathhouses one chooses to visit during their time in Kinosaki Onsen, visitors are guaranteed to have a good time discovering what truly defines a traditional onsen town experience. Put on a yukata, traditional Japanese relaxation wear, and stroll through town while going onsen-hopping.

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