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Den-den Town electric town Den-den Town electric town

OSAKA Namba The place to be for foodies, anime geeks and other hobbyists, and the performing arts

The place to be for foodies, anime geeks and other hobbyists, and the performing arts

The center of Osaka's southern Minami area, present-day Namba is a transportation hub surrounded by endless shopping, eateries and entertainment. Get your shopping done in Namba City and Namba Parks, grab a meal in Ura Namba and enjoy a drink in one of the many tiny bars located in the old-school Misono Building. Or head to Denden Town to find floor-to-ceiling arrangements of anime collectibles and electronics.

Don't Miss

  • Eating with the locals in Ura Namba
  • Taking in the peaceful ambiance of Hozenji Temple
  • The authentic assortment of food on sale at Kuromon Ichiba

How to Get There

From Osaka Station , take the Midosuji Subway line to Namba Station. From Kansai International Airport, take the Nankai line to Namba Station.

A glimpse into pre-modern Japan

Go back in time to the early Edo period (1603-1867), when Namba was the city's center for theater and performing arts. Hozenji Temple and the adjacent alley Hozenji Yokocho are reminders of Osaka before modernization.

Eat and drink your way through a labyrinth of narrow alleys

Food is arguably Osaka's first and foremost appeal. For centuries, the Japanese have referred to the city as the “kitchen of Japan,” and its culinary reputation certainly shows in areas such as Ura Namba.

There are rows of small izakaya in the labyrinth of alleyways located behind the shopping centers and chain stores that dot the main thoroughfare. This is where the locals come to eat and drink.

Embrace your inner geek in Den-Den Town

Hobbyists and anime fans flock to Denden Town to get their hands on rare collectibles, vintage video games and electronics. Browse through assortments of plastic figurines, trading cards, key chains and other special trinkets from classic Japanese anime series like Gundam and Sailor Moon. Each store specializes in some specific slice of media or hobby, which makes for both fascinating people watching and great shopping if you are a collector yourself.

See where the locals go to get their fish and produce

Browse the rich selections of fish and other produce prominently displayed along Kuromon Ichiba, a traditional market with some 200 years of history. Japanese fishmongers have a particular sales style consisting of confident boasts and persuasive pleas. These antics are even further amplified in Osaka, a city known for its forwardness.

Planning your trip

With easy access to the airport, a central location, hotels catering to any price range. And with dozens of nearby attractions, Namba is a prime destination for travelers to Osaka.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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