Ginza & Nihombashi Area

TOKYO Ginza & Nihonbashi Brand shopping and rich history

Brand shopping and rich history

Visit the opulent downtown district of Ginza for the best offerings in fine dining and luxury brand shopping and head to Nihonbashi to explore the area's rich history.

Don't Miss

  • World-class shopping and dining
  • Kabukiza, Tokyo's premier kabuki theater
  • The enormous Tsukiji fish market

How to Get There

Ginza Station is accessible via the Hibiya, Marunouchi and Ginza Subway Lines. The major shopping district is just beyond the station.

Mitsukoshimae Station on the Hanzomon and Ginza Subway Lines will bring you right into the shopping area of Nihonbashi. The magnificent and recently restored Tokyo Station is also close to many landmarks.

For the ambitious, consider spending your day walking from one sector to another for a delightful urban hike.

Walk down the Ginza strip

On Chuo Dori street, you'll find many top fashion and cosmetic brand stores. It has many department stores, restaurants and cafes. In fact, this sophisticated one-kilometer strip has some of the highest real estate prices in the world. Nearby, Yurakucho has even more high end shops and izakaya restaurants.

Chuo Dori is closed to motor traffic on weekend afternoons. Feel like royalty strolling down the middle of this street.

Enjoy the juxtaposition of the traditional Kabukiza kabuki theater against a backdrop of modern architecture.

Nihonbashi: classy and classic

Japan's very first department store, Mitsukoshi, started way back in 1673. Check out its grandiose flagship location in Nihonbashi. Other sites of interest include the Bank of Japan building and the Tokyo Stock Exchange . Over the last century, Nihonbashi emerged as the country's primary financial district.

Nihonbashi means "Japan Bridge," and this is the actual bridge from which it gets its name. You can still see scarring on it from the firebombing of 1945.

Take an English tour of the Bank of Japan, built in 1896.

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Near Ginza & Nihonbashi

Ginza & Nihombashi Area Shopping
Tokyo Ginza & Nihonbashi
LA BETTOLA da Ochiai
Tokyo La Bettola Da Ochiai Italian Cuisine
Ginza Ibuki
Tokyo Ginza Ibuki Local / Regional Cuisine
Tokyo Sasugarin Udon Noodles
La Panza
Tokyo La Panza Spanish Cuisine
MARUUSHI MEAT Ginzanichometen
Tokyo Maruushi Meat Ginzanichometen Yakiniku (BBQ)
Ginza Yoshizawa
Tokyo Ginza Yoshizawa Local / Regional Cuisine
Tokyo Plenitude French Cuisine
KAMONKA Ginzaten
Tokyo Kamonka Ginzaten Chinese
Tokyo Kurabuu Restaurant or Bar
Tokyo Suzuki Local / Regional Cuisine
Tokyo Yoshizawa Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)
HYOKI Ginzasanchometen
Tokyo Hyoki Ginzasanchometen Shabu Shabu
OHJURI Sarangchae
Tokyo Ohjuri Sarangchae Korean
Tokyo Ginza Sugaya Banquet Dinners
Kanzenkoshitsu-to Wagyuyakiniku Imari GINZA
Tokyo Kanzenkoshitsu-To Wagyuyakiniku Imari Ginza Yakiniku (BBQ)
Tokyo Kutan Kaiseki (Traditional Multi-Course Meal)
Tokyo Shiokara Japanese Sake
Kingyo Ginzanichomemerusaten
Tokyo Kingyo Ginzanichomemerusaten Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
Fujitohachi Ginzayonchometen
Tokyo Fujitohachi Ginzayonchometen Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
OSAKA Kitchen Osakakitchinginzahonten
Tokyo Osaka Kitchen Osakakitchinginzahonten Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine
The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo Film Center Art & Design
Tokyo National Film Center Tokyo-to
Tokyo Kabukiza Tokyo-to
Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple History
Tokyo Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple Tokyo-to
Tsukiji Market Culture
Tokyo Tsukiji Tokyo-to
Tokyo Stock Exchange Attraction
Tokyo Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo-to
Currency Museum Bank of Japan Attraction
Tokyo Bank Of Japan Currency Museum Tokyo-to
Bank of Japan Attraction
Tokyo Bank Of Japan Headquarters Tokyo-to
Toyosu Market Eat & Drink
Tokyo Toyosu Market Tokyo-to