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TOKYO Tokyo Dome & Around A baseball, concert and amusement hotspot with a gorgeous 17th-century garden nearby

A baseball, concert and amusement hotspot with a gorgeous 17th-century garden nearby

Despite its small size, Korakuen, at the very center of Tokyo, is packed with attractions. Korakuen is home to Tokyo Dome , a multipurpose stadium that hosts baseball games as well as concerts. Next to it is an amusement park and shopping complex that offers entertainment for both children and adults. The University of Tokyo with its photogenic buildings and landscape is about a kilometer away.

Not to be missed are the sightseeing spots around Iidabashi, including the stylish shopping and restaurant district of Kagurazaka and the historic garden of Koishikawa Korakuen .

How to Get There

The closest station to Tokyo Dome is Korakuen Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line. Many of the sightseeing spots in the area are also reached from Iidabashi Station. The JR Chuo Line, Chuo-Sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Yurakucho Line, Toei Oedo Line, Tozai Line and Seibu-Ikebukuro Line all stop at Iidabashi.

Things to do in the Tokyo Dome area

There's nothing quite like watching a baseball game live. Join other baseball fans and see the action first hand at Tokyo Dome , the home stadium of the Yomiuri Giants. With a seating capacity of 55,000, Tokyo Dome is also a coveted performing location for musicians. Hear your favorite artist, band or idol group live and celebrate with other fans.

Adjacent to the multipurpose entertainment facility of Tokyo Dome is Tokyo Dome City, an amusement park designed for both children and adults. Among its attractions is Thunder Dolphin, a roller coaster that goes through a building.

Pamper yourself at LaQua

Also part of the Tokyo Dome entertainment complex is LaQua, a rest and relaxation center that offers one-of-a-kind shopping and dining experiences as well as a luxurious spa with natural hot springs.

Get to know the works of Japan's up-and-coming artists

With galleries and exhibits that comprise the three floors of the building, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo aims to promote the country's emerging artists.

Take a stroll at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

A Japanese garden with elements of Chinese design, Koishikawa Korakuen dates back to when the Tokugawa clan reigned.

For fans of the diamond

See Japan's hall of famers and check out unique baseball memorabilia at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum—a must for baseball fans.

Buy a good luck charm for passing exams

Also known as the shrine of scholars, Yushima Shrine is dedicated to a 9th-century government official (Sugawara Michizane) who was deified after his death. He was known for his intellectual prowess and the shrine eventually became the place where hopeful students pray to pass their college entrance exams. Write your wish on an ema (wooden plaque) or buy an omamori (good luck charm). You never know, your wish might just be granted!

Shop and dine at trendy Kagurazaka

A historic shopping district, Kagurazaka was once located outside Edo Castle. Today, the area is a stylish shopping and dining spot with fancy cafes and luxurious restaurants.

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