AICHI Mikawa Bay Area Beautiful bay, beaches, and an amusement park

Beautiful bay, beaches, and an amusement park

With sparkling waters on sandy beaches, island shrines, extraordinary festivals, and the region's best amusement park, Mikawa Bay is the glittering jewel in Aichi's crown.

Don't Miss

  • Fireworks seen nowhere else in the world
  • One of Japan's ‘Big Three' Inari shrines
  • Chasing away sea monsters
  • Riding roller coasters and soaking in the spa

How to Get There

Toyohashi is the central hub to the Mikawa Bay area, from where you can get to anywhere in the region.

From Tokyo Station, Toyohashi is just one hour and 25 minutes on the Hikari Shinkansen bullet train. From JR Nagoya it is just 20 minutes.

Witness one-of-a-kind, dramatic fireworks

In the summer, Toyohashi gets explosive. The castle city is the birthplace of handheld tezutsu fireworks, and nowhere else in the world can you witness demonstrations of their raw power on the dramatic scale of the Hono no Saiten Festival and Toyohashi Gion Festivals .

The fireworks displays, where the 450-year-old tezutsu cannons send a waterfall of sparks cascading down is truly stupendous. You can also learn to perform the ‘bamboo grass dance,' unique to the region.

Sea monsters be gone

To ward off sea monsters, these amazingly gigantic lanterns had to be imposing. The Dai-Chochin Matsuri was created to keep the terrifying monsters at bay. Today you can witness how the festival, with its 10-meter-tall paper lanterns, has grown into a spellbinding demonstration of local pride and artistry.

Foxes as far as the eye can see

One of Japan's ‘Big Three' Inari shrines, Toyokawa Inari Shrine is an unusual multi-faith shrine in that it is not only a Shinto shrine and a Buddhist temple, but it is also dedicated to the god of foxes. Walk around the huge shrine grounds among literally thousands of red-bibbed stone kitsune.

An island shrine of romance

Rising out of Mikawa Bay , the entirety of the dome-shaped island of Takeshima is a place of worship. After crossing the causeway, explore the island and discover shrines hidden among the coves.

Atop the island you will find Yaotomi Shrine. It is believed that worshiping here guarantees good luck in marriage and childbirth, The shrine is dedicated to Benten (or Benzaiten), the goddess of music, entertainers and love.

Aichi's number one amusement park

At Lagunasia, part of the Laguna Gamagori complex, enjoy rides and attractions including VR roller coasters, boat rides, and a 65-meter-high Ferris wheel. Here, there are also six swimming pools, an onsen hot spring spa and a shopping complex.

A historic castle

As a stop along the ancient Tokaido highway from Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo), Toyohashi is steeped in history, and was depicted in many classic woodblock prints in the Edo period. One popular subject for these works was Yoshida Castle. Today you can wander the ruins of the castle wall or climb to the top of the reconstructed castle keep.

Charming all year round, Yoshida Castle takes on an extra beauty in spring when the surrounding cherry blossoms are in bloom.

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