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Kamikochi – Expo 2025: Live to Travel, Travel to Live


Designated as both a "Special Place of Scenic Beauty" and a "Special Natural Monument," Kamikochi is a representative scenic spot within the Chubu Sangaku National Park. Here, majestic 3,000-meter tall mountains and pristine waters inspire visitors to immerse themselves in mystical landscapes, become one with nature, and learn about the ecosystem—including local flowers, trees, and other plants. Serving as a gateway to the Northern Alps, Kamikochi also offers mountain climbing opportunities, provided that hikers have the necessary experience and equipment. Please note that thorough research beforehand is essential to ensure a safe climbing experience. With its trekking courses, which feature highlights such as Taisho Pond, Tashiro Pond, and Kappa Bridge, Kamikochi is blessed with numerous spots where visitors can fully appreciate the beauty of nature. Enjoy your time to the fullest!

Local insights

Koichiro Aoyagi is the head of the Kamikochi Resort Hotel Association. Committed to protect and preserve the environment of Kamikochi and ensuring that tourists who visit enjoys touring around the area.

Kamikochi and Expo 2025

Through encounters with Kamikochi’s vast nature, you can gain insight into the local ecosystem and better understand the importance of nature conservation, which contributes to the Expo theme, "Saving Lives.”

Q1: How does this attraction bring tourists and locals together?

A: Through our guided walks, which are filled with active exchanges, we showcase not only the landscapes of Kamikochi but also the achievements of British missionary Walter Weston. In 1896, Weston, published his book Mountaineering and Exploration in the Japanese Alps, effectively introducing the world to Kamikochi, a place he, himself, climbed, and popularizing mountaineering as a leisure activity in Japan. By highlighting Weston's contributions, we aim to convey that preserving and enjoying magnificent nature is a universal value across different cultures. Furthermore, with the increase in proficient local interpreters, we have started collaborating with guide operators who cater to inbound travelers. During the walks, we receive numerous questions regarding the region's history, culture, and geological formations, fostering meaningful interactions between local residents and visitors.

Q2: What kind of impressions have you got from visitors?

A: While we haven't received direct feedback, according to reports from the tour guide who led a group of high school students from the UK on a study trip, despite the limited time, the students seemed to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between their own country and Kamikochi through the historical exchange between Japan and England. The guide focused on explaining various aspects, including the contributions of figures like Weston and Smith—who created a topographic map of mainland England—as well as the history and geological developments of the Japanese Alps. It appeared to enable the younger generation to more consciously appreciate the natural beauty of Kamikochi within its historical context.

Q3: Any message for visitors planning to see Expo 2025?

A: In Kamikochi, you can enjoy a variety of wonderful experiences such as trekking and mountain climbing. Please take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the mystical scenery of Kamikochi.

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