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Myojinkan – Expo 2025: Live to Travel, Travel to Live


Nestled in the land that is said to be part of the Japanese mythological "Ama-no-Iwato Legend," Myojinkan is a mystical inn home to three dragon deities who safeguard both gods and human beings. Nearby, the expansive Myojin-daira is believed to be the landing spot for divine beings tasked with protecting the mythical "hidden door" of the Iwato Legend. Today, Myojinkan offers a haven where visitors can enjoy the luxury of "doing nothing” and is recognized as a place to rejuvenate the mind and body in healing baths. Indulge in tranquility and wellness at this doorway to relaxation.

Local insights

After living abroad, Hina Uchiyama began working at a ryokan in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture. After serving as a front desk manager, she later got married and had a baby. Following her maternity leave, she continued as an employee and, in addition to raising her children, is now in charge of serving high-net-worth guests from Japan and abroad.

Myojinkan and Expo 2025

At Myojinkan, you can enjoy dishes crafted with locally-sourced ingredients and participate in seasonal harvests, both of which contribute to the Expo theme, "Empowering Lives,” as they provide nourishment for your mind and body.

Q1: How does this attraction bring tourists and locals together?

A: At Myojinkan, we emphasize the concept of local production and consumption, showcasing dishes made with locally sourced Shinshu ingredients and providing seasonal harvesting experiences to share the region's culinary culture and charm. Additionally, in our traditional Japanese guesthouses, "Satoyama villa Honjin" and "Satoyama villa DEN," tourists can immerse themselves in the ambiance of Japanese aesthetics while experiencing the sentiment and culture of Japan.

Q2: What kind of impressions have you got from visitors?

A: Throughout their stay at Myojinkan, guests express great satisfaction with the unique dining experience amidst the area’s pristine nature and the delightful dishes crafted from Shinshu’s rich ingredients.

Q3: Any message for visitors planning to see Expo 2025?

A: Japan has many wonderful regions beyond major cities like Osaka. At Myojinkan, you can fully embrace the unspoilt landscapes of Shinshu and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture. We look forward to welcoming you.

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