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UDON HOUSE – Expo 2025: Live to Travel, Travel to Live


UDON HOUSE, opened in 2018 and popular among international visitors, is an accommodation facility where guests can experience Sanuki Udon culture. The immersive program lasts about six hours and includes Sanuki udon-making, learning about udon’s history, attending tasting workshops, vegetable harvesting, and an udon party where guests boil their own udon noodles. To gain insight into the daily lives of the community, UDON HOUSE also offers experiences that allow visitors to explore local lifestyles and visit farmers.

Local insights

After working nine years at a travel agency operated by a major Japanese e-commerce site, Kanako Harada launched "UDON HOUSE" in October 2018 with the desire to create travel where visitors can enjoy the daily life of the region. She is involved in the managing of three accommodation facilities, including the "Setouchi Works Residence GATE," where people involved in the local community stay, and "URASHIMA VILLAGE," a stunning inn established by 11 local companies in the Seto Inland Sea. Additionally, she is also involved in operating the "Setouchi Living University," where local adults and children can learn together. While dealing with the shortage of human resources and the training of local small- and medium-sized businesses, she also creates connections with companies and people in urban areas.

UDON HOUSE and Expo 2025

Visitors can learn about the history of Sanuki udon and partake in a unique Japanese gastronomy experience where they harvest and cook their own food, both of which connect to the Expo theme, "Empowering Lives."

Q1: How does this attraction bring tourists and locals together?

A: During the six-hour program at UDON HOUSE, participants can learn about udon history, culture, and dashi (soup stock) and also visit a farmer to experience harvesting firsthand. The overnight program also includes an opportunity to go to a popular udon restaurant in the area for the following morning’s breakfast. The program is offered in Japanese and English. Staff members are fluent in English, and the program is actively working to hire foreign workers. With full support, the program is designed to allow participants to become familiar with the local food culture while deepening exchanges with local residents.

Q2: What kind of impressions have you got from visitors?

A: We have received many comments from visitors who were impressed by the friendly staff and the uniqueness of the experience and were happy that they found a program they couldn't experience elsewhere.

Q3: Any message for visitors planning to see Expo 2025?

A: In Japan, there are local cultures that even Japanese people do not know. Therefore, our goal is to create an inn where we can show you the daily life of the area as it is. Please come as if you were visiting your friend's home.

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