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Takachiho Kagura – Expo 2025: Live to Travel, Travel to Live

Takachiho Kagura

Outside the typical night Kagura season, the Kagura Hall at Takachiho Shrine hosts nightly public performances of Takachiho Kagura’s four representative Kagura dances. The Kagura, which is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Japan, includes authentic dances by performers from various local communities. Takachiho Town is renowned for its association with Japanese mythology and is home to shrines such as the Amano Iwato Shrine and Amanoyasukawara. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to watch the traditional Takachiho Kagura, which has passed down for generations, experience the world of mythology, and encounter the extraordinary.

Local Insights

My name is Yuka Tanba. I work at the Takachiho Tourist Association and handle information dissemination and travel-related tasks. My responsibilities include sharing information through the website, creating pamphlets, and promoting Takachiho Kagura. I also conduct publicity photography and videography for Takachiho Kagura, as well as develop reservation systems to showcase the charm of Takachiho Kagura.

Takachiho Kagura and Expo 2025

Takachiho Kagura has been carefully inherited and nurtured for generations and illustrates the importance of passing on traditional performing arts, which relates to the Expo theme, "Connecting Lives.”

Q1: How does this attraction bring tourists and locals together?

A: We encourage interactions between visitors and the community by introducing the mythology and history of Takachiho through its traditional local performing arts. Additionally, we are making efforts to enhance communication by providing guidance on translation tool usage and other means for staff and enterprises.

Q2: What kind of impressions have you got from visitors?

A: Visitors who have experienced Takachiho Kagura have expressed their delight, stating, "Through the Kagura dance, we had an amazing cross-cultural experience. Despite the language barrier, we were able to immerse ourselves in the world of mythology and discover new ways to enjoy tourism."

Q3: Any message for visitors planning to see Expo 2025?

A: This town is steeped in numerous myths and legends, offering a place where the breath of the gods is palpable. Known as the City of Gods, its unique charm can be savored with all five senses. Nestled amidst abundant nature, this town serves as a sanctuary where visitors can experience the rejuvenating power of its surroundings. We invite you to immerse yourself in the spiritual essence of this sacred destination.

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