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Shiretoko Nature Experience – Expo 2025: Live to Travel, Travel to Live

Shiretoko Nature Experience

(Godzilla Rock Tour)

Venture into Japan’s unspoilt wilderness! With the Godzilla Rock Tour, you can embark on an immersive cruise that explores the ocean scenery and wildlife of Shiretoko, a World Natural Heritage site. During the one-of-a-kind cruise, you can observe the complex topography of the Shiretoko Peninsula, as well as a variety of wildlife. Located in Hokkaido, Shiretoko has four distinct seasons, with the drift ice of winter one of the world's most unique sights. Since drift ice has a limited observation area, the agency’s "drift ice cruise" is a unique opportunity to see this icy spectacle. The area is also a wintering ground for majestic Steller's sea eagles, the world's largest bird of prey, so it is very popular among overseas visitors.

Local insights

Norikatsu Kamio has been with the company for 23 years, and as an operations manager, his first priority is the safety of customers. He also conducts weather surveys and collaborates with companies. During summer, he mainly works on land, but during winter he works as a crew member on ships and strives to fulfill customers' requests as much as possible.

Shiretoko Nature Experience and Expo 2025

By exploring Shiretoko, a World Natural Heritage Site, via a nature cruise, you can immerse yourself in unique encounters that deepen your understanding of environmental conservation and ecosystems—closely tying to the Expo theme, "Saving Lives."

Q1: How does this attraction bring tourists and locals together?

A: The small boat, which holds 50-80 passengers, allows for a more personalized and cohesive experience on board, making it easier for staff to communicate with fellow guests. Many of our guests are repeat visitors, and the tour leaders double as promoters to spread the tour’s charm and bring in new guests.

Q2: What kind of impressions have you got from visitors?

A: Many visitors are impressed that they can enjoy nature in all four seasons in this area, and the guides who bring overseas guests often say, "There is no other place where you can see so many wild animals in such a small area across all four seasons. Everyone I bring is very satisfied and says that they want to come back again.”

Q3: Any message for visitors planning to see Expo 2025?

A: Shiretoko, in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is where you can find the true essence of Japan. Please come and see for yourself. You will surely fall in love with the charms of Shiretoko!

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