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Mt. Fuji Guide Your guide to Japan’s most iconic mountain

Sacred, singular and spectacular, Mt. Fuji is nothing short of awe-inspiring and rightfully one of the country’s top attractions

Whether you experience Mt. Fuji up close, from the confines of a relaxing hot spring resort or ryokan, or from as far away as Tokyo, there are many ways you can make the country’s tallest mountain part of your Japan adventure. Feel inspired by our specially selected guides, stories and Fuji-related articles. From fifth station trailhead strolls and overnight climbs to visiting the five Fuji lakes, exploring the foothills, and getting the very best views of the mountain, plan your Mt. Fuji excursion with our comprehensive Fuji Guide.Click here to visit the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Website.
Click here to visit the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Website.

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