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GUIDE Anime Tourism Where to travel in Japan if you love Anime and Manga


Make an expedition to the sacred sights of your beloved, much-read manga

Japan offers incredible, timeless gifts to the world in the form of anime, animated film, and manga that have captured the hearts of countless fans.

As much as anime and manga have won the hearts of people all over the world, they are extremely precious to many Japanese people too. Who knows, your recent or long-time devotion to an anime and trip to a treasured anime destination (anime tourism) might just be the foundation or spark to a lifelong relationship, whether it's friends or more!

A deeper look at the inspiration behind each work


If you are an anime or manga fan, you must have heard of the legendary ONE PIECE. However, if you haven't, note that it's a worldwide hit and is still going strong. Join the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy in his quest to become the Pirate King, along with his dynamic crew. The creator of this masterpiece was born in Kumamoto , a Mecca for fans of ONE PIECE and its deep, fascinating story. Statues can be found in various locations, namely the Kumamoto Prefectural Office, where Luffy stands proudly.


Doraemon is a popular character whose manga series began in 1970, and the anime is still popular to this day, not to mention its significance is immeasurable. While Doraemon is mostly for kids, it's still dear to the adults who appreciated it in their childhood. If you really want to reunite with beloved characters and travel back in time to your childhood, then check out the Fujiko F Fujio Museum in Kawasaki of Kanagawa. You can see the characters as well as official sketches and other artwork from the stories. If you ever find yourself in Takaoka of Toyama which is the author's hometown, you'll have the opportunity to go to the Fujiko F Fujio Hometown Art Gallery and view some more exclusive Doraemon art.


Detective Conan

Head over to Hokuei Town in Tottori and immerse yourself in the stories of Detective Conan. You can visit Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory and have an interactive experience in the hometown of its creator.



Who could forget about Gundam? Odaiba is a must-see destination with its 20 meters Unicorn Gundam that transforms. The exhibition occurs four times a day, accompanied with lights and dramatic music. Furthermore, Fukuoka has the most recent addition to the anime mecha giants, getting the life-sized ν Gundam statue, a massive Gundam towering nearly 25 meters. This RX-93ff ν Gundam is not only the largest in Japan, but likely the entire world. Both locations have Gundam shops where you can buy your favorite mecha model from any part of the series.


Hakone is a major influence on this anime's imagery. Hakone is known as one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan, but it is also a popular destination for Evangelion fans. If you visit there, you will find scenery reminiscent of scenes from this anime.


Spirited Away

Ghibli is a household name at this point, and rightfully so. Being one of its flagship films, Spirited Away is something that any Ghibli fan would love to experience. For that, we suggest visiting the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum which has inspired some of the scenes in the film.

World Cosplay Summit

A phenomenal event for cosplayers and anime/manga enthusiasts alike is held in Nagoya, called the World Cosplay Summit . With incredible effort and aesthetics that will leave you in awe, the cosplayers truly bring the characters of their respective worlds to life. Nothing is more magical than being able to take pictures and interact with your favorite characters! Apart from this summit, there are loads of other anime related events going on throughout Japan every year.


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