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Ehime's Mystic Temple Pilgrimage

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Embrace your inner spirituality on a part of a historic pilgrimage stretching from one corner of Shikoku to the other.

Ehime Prefecture



The Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage (also known as the Shikoku Henro) is one of the most unique journeys you can take here in Japan.

Eighty-eight temples and other sacred sites thought to have been visited by the Buddhist priest Kukai (Kobo Daishi) during the 9th century are mapped across a 1,200-kilometer-long route. While the complete route takes roughly six weeks to complete by foot, you can hike through an abridged experience in half a day in Ehime.



Temple #44, Daihoji Temple, and #45, Iwayaji Temple, are connected directly via a steep mountain path called the “Hacchozaka.” You can enjoy the serenity of the surrounding mountains and take in a breathtaking view of the local scenery. Once you reach Iwayaji Temple, you will see that it is standing on a jutted rock, and right below is a winding path adorned with walls of Japanese jizo statues. These statues, representing the Buddhist deity Jizo Bosatsu, are thought to protect travelers walking along their path. Whether you travel to all 88 or just the two, the sights you will see will be unforgettable!




How to get there


Take the limousine bus from Matsuyama Airport to JR Matsuyama Station (about 15 minutes), then take the bus bound for Kumakogen Town and get off at the Kumachugakkomae bus stop (about 1 hour). After that, it’ll be a 20-minute walk to Daihoji Temple.


Kumakogen-cho, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime-ken



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