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Forest Sights Around Izumo City

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Discover Izumo's beautiful scenery, ancient temples and shrines




There are several beautiful locations in the forests surrounding Izumo city on the northeast coast of Shimane. The prefectural natural park Tachikuekyo, around 12km south of Izumo, includes a 1km long gorge with strangely-shaped rocks and stones rising up alongside the clear waters of the Kando River. It’s a gorgeous park to visit in all seasons and includes a camp ground and onsen hot spring inns. Also here, on the approach to Reikoji Temple, you will not fail to notice Gohyakurakan, a collection of hundreds of small Buddhist statues.


In the Kita mountains north of the city, Gakuenji Temple, built in 594 is one of the region’s most famous spots for viewing autumn leaves. During this season the beautiful maple trees turn red, creating a tunnel of vividly colored leaves over the stone steps to the main hall.


A majestic atmosphere surrounds Susa Shrine, 21km south of the city. The shrine is known in Japan as a famous ‘power spot’, a location believed to bring good luck or improved health. Enshrined here is the soul of the storm deity Susanoo no Mikoto, who defeated the legendary eight tailed serpent Yamata no Orochi. In the forest behind the shrine look out for the towering cedar tree that is over 1,300 years old.


How to get there


Tachikuekyo is 40 minutes by bus from JR Izumoshi Station. Gakuenji Temple is 25 minutes by bus from Ichibata Electric Railway Unshū-Hirata Station to Gakenji Chushajo Parking, then a 15 minute walk. Susa Shrine is 40 minutes by bus from JR Izumoshi Station, then a 5 minute taxi ride.



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