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Hagi Sightseeing Boat

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Enjoy the scenery of lagoon city Hagi from the river and the sea

Yamaguchi Prefecture



Hagi Castle Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture is registered as a World Heritage Site for the history and traditions it has preserved since the Edo period (1603–1867). To fully take in the scenery of this town, the Hagi Sightseeing Boat is highly recommended. This leisurely sightseeing course on the river is a 40-minute round trip route that starts from Shizuki Bridge near the ruins of Hagi Castle, enters the Hashimoto River, and finishes off with a ride along the historic white walls of the samurai houses. It’s a great way to enjoy the castle town from a different angle than when strolling around on foot. 


When the weather is nice, you will be able to see Kikugahama Beach and the earthen and stone walls of Hagi Castle at the foot of Mount Shizuki from the sea. There are also seasonal routes for you to enjoy throughout the year, such as a cherry blossom viewing course in the spring, underwater viewing in the Sea of Japan during the summer, and an autumn foliage viewing course in the fall.


How to get there


From Shin-Osaka Station, take the Sanyo Shinkansen to Shin-Yamaguchi Station (2 hours). The bridge is a 1-hour 10-minute drive from Shin-Yamaguchi Station.

Shin-Yamaguchi Station can also be reached from Hakata Station (35 minutes).


122-1 (Shizuki Bridge Side) Horiuchi, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi-ken


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