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Kintaikyo Bridge Pleasure Boat Cruise

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Take a traditional Japanese boat for a unique view of Iwakuni’s historical bridge

Iwakuni City Hall Tourism Promotion Sec.



A 17th-century feat of architectural ingenuity, Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, was originally designed for the exclusive use of daimyo and their vassals to reach the domain’s castle. Now one of Japan’s most famous bridges, its unique five wooden arches still stretch across Nishiki River as a stately centerpiece to the city’s landscape of abundant nature.


In spring and autumn, traditional-style Japanese pleasure boats cruise Nishiki River, offering panoramic views of the bridge amid the changing colors of riverside scenery. Hop aboard the Momoji (Japanese maple) boat for a short autumnal cruise, and view the bridge against the warm reds of maple leaves in the distance. Or relax in the Cafe house boat and enjoy traditional Japanese sweets with tea, as the vessel gently drifts ahead of Kintaikyo Bridge.


Don’t forget to return in spring for the Sakura tour to see the bridge stand out against a backdrop of billowing pink cherry blossoms.


How to get there


20 minutes by bus from JR Iwakuni Station.



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