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Machi-jyu, your Japanese Lodging in Chichibu

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Live like a local resident for a beyond-tourism experience

Saitama Prefecture



Machi-jyu, or “whole town hotel,” is a traditional accommodation service in the beautiful mountain town of Chichibu, just northwest of Tokyo. This lodging facility gives guests the opportunity to feel as if they were actually living in Chichibu.

Machi-jyu offers you a choice of three lodgings (Kiri no Takumi Kichi, Hakoniwa Sarugakuan, and Wakukan Tazu) located in different neighborhoods of this small city. All of them feature comfortable guest rooms renovated from old private homes. At Kiri no Takumi Kichi, you can feel the warmth of the wooden interior and the spirit of craftmanship. Hakoniwa Sarugakuan has a collection of calligraphy, sculpture, and antiques that reflect the tastes of the former residents. Wakukan Tazu boasts a relaxing veranda and a cypress bath.

After checking in at the Machi-jyu reception office, you’ll receive a map with directions to the lodging where you’ll be staying. There you’ll pick up a “local passport,” which you can use to enjoy wandering around Chichibu. Experience town life by visiting confectionery shops and sento, the public bathhouses that are long-time favorites of residents and aren’t found in guidebooks. After sunset, you’ll have a great time bar hopping with your local passport. Chichibu is proud of its locally brewed whiskey, Japanese sake, wine and craft beer.

Thanks to the local passport, you’ll have the opportunity to come into contact with the townspeople and discover the amazing culture of Chichibu.


How to get there


From Tokyo Station, take the JR Ueno Tokyo Line and get off at Kumagaya Station (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). Transfer to the Chichibu Railway and get off at Ohanabatake Station (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). The Machi-jyu office is about 6 minutes on foot from the station.


17-3 Ueno-cho, Chichibu-shi, Saitama-ken


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