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The Owari Shippo Cloisonne of Ama City

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Traditional crafts from Ama City with and colorful glazes, made by local artisans

Ama City, Aichi Prefecture



Cloisonne enamelware is a traditional metalworking technique where a multi-colored glaze is baked onto a metal surface. In Japanese, it’s called “shippo.”  Shippo enamelware made in western Aichi is called Owari Shippo and often features designs such as birds or flowers on vases and dishes.

What sets Owari Shippo apart?

Owari Shippo is a type of wired cloisonne that uses silver wire to outline patterns. The whole process is done by hand, and over a month may be needed to create pieces with finer details. If you want to know more about Owari Shippo, visit Shippo Art Village in Ama City to see more pieces, learn about the process and its the history, and join a workshop for making cloisonne enamelware.


How to get there


From Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Tsushima line to Kida Station. From Kida Station, take a taxi to Ama City (about 10 minutes).


2000 Jusanwari,Toshima,Shippo-cho, Ama-shi, Aichi-ken


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