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Shirakami River Trekking

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Enjoy walking through clear streams at Shirakami Sanchi, Japan's first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site

Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization



Shirakami Sanchi is the collective name for the mountain range straddling Aomori and Akita Prefectures. In December 1993, the vast Siebold's primeval beech forest covering the area and its ecosystem, home to diverse creatures that have existed for approximately 8,000 years, were recognized for their global importance, and became Japan's first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. 

Shirakami River Trekking allows visitors to experience this pristine wilderness through special walking tours in the Fujikoto River, a beautiful clear stream flowing from the vast beech forest of Shirakami Sanchi. The river is so clear you can see right to the bottom. During these private trekking tours, guests will have the opportunity to spot birds, fish, and other wildlife. No worries for beginner trekkers, a skilled guide will adjust the tour according to the participants' level of experience. On rainy days, you can still enjoy trekking along the Shirakami no Mori Trail.



Experience the authentic, untouched wilderness of Shirakami Sanchi with all your senses, and let nature heal your mind and soul.




How to get there


30 minutes by car from Odate-Noshiro Airport


38-2 Satoguri, Fujikoto, Fujisato-machi, Yamamoto-gun, Akita-ken



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