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Weeping Peach Blossoms in Toyota

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Paths lined with weeping peach trees blooming white, red and pink in spring

Toyota City Dept. of Commerce & Tourism



Approximately 3,000 weeping peach trees flourish in the village of Kaminaka, outside Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. The walking paths in the area are lined with beautiful weeping peach blossoms for about 1 kilometer, dyeing the mountainous landscape white, red and pink.


Weeping peach trees, like other weeping ornamentals, have drooping branches that produce a curtain-like effect. In Kaminaka, this beautiful sight began in the mid-1960s when local residents planted around 30 weeping peach trees. They then continued to plant weeping peaches every year, and the flowers have now been in full bloom for more than 30 years. Their efforts now draw people from far and wide to this quiet mountain village during the peach season.


Early to mid-April is usually the best time to view the flowers. A festival to celebrate the spectacular weeping peach blossoms is usually held in April at Kaminaka, where you’ll find food stalls selling local delicacies and refreshments to enjoy while appreciating nature’s colourful display.


A car park is available in Kaminaka, but it’s best to take a shuttle bus for smooth access as the car park does get congested in the blossom season. If taking public transportation, it’s recommended to take the early morning buses from Toyota-Shi Station to make the most of your time in Kaminaka. See below for more detailed access information.


How to get there


An hour by train from JR Nagoya Station to Toyota-Shi Station, and about 70 minutes by bus from Toyota-Shi Station to Odo bus stop, and then take the shuttle bus to Kaminaka.



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