Volcanic Activity in Kuchinoerabujima

Updated: August 29 2018

On August 29, Japan Meteorological Agency(JMA) downgraded Volcanic Alert Level from 4 to 3 for Kuchinoerabu Island, Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern Japan.

On August 15, 2018 at 10:30 (UTC +9:00), JMA pronounced and raised Volcanic Alert Level at Kuchinoerabu island to Level 4 (Prepare to evacuate) from Level 2 (Do not approach the crater).
Volcanic activity has been intensifying on Kuchinoerabu Island.

There is a possibility that the eruption will occur and the 3 kilometers radius area around crater is the cautionary zone for danger of falling rocks. Small volcanic cinders and ash may be accumulated around and downwind from a volcanic vent.

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