Beans from a tropical paradise

The domestic coffee farms of Okinawa

Japan may be known for its tea, but its southernmost prefecture, Okinawa lies just within the equatorial coffee belt, making it the heart of Japan’s emerging coffee industry.

Located on the northern end of Okinawa Island, the Yanbaru region has around 20 coffee producers, including the Ada Farm, Nakayama Coffee Farm, and Matayoshi Coffee Farm. During the harvesting season (Nov – Mar), many farms offer a complete bean to cup journey experience, starting from harvesting of the beans to hulling, roasting, and finally tasting. Matayoshi Coffee Farm also offers overnight guest accommodations in their rustic cabins and campsite with refreshing views of Yanbaru. 

Because of its small size, Okinawa doesn’t produce big volumes of coffee, but its bright, fruity arabica beans are highly-regarded. You can get freshly-roasted beans by the bag at coffee farms, or by the cup at Okinawa’s specialty coffee shops.

Okinawa’s coffee producers are also incredibly innovative. With 35 Coffee recycling 35 Coffee recycling corals bleached by global warming, it serves as an eco-friendly, mineral-rich fuel source for roasting their coffee, while the local football team, Okinawa SV, grows their own coffee!



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