Feel as one with the sea and admire a spectacular panoramic view of Beppu Bay

Beppu Onsenkyo in Oita Prefecture is a hot spring haven which boasts the largest number of hot spring sources and yields the highest amount of hot spring water in the country.

No matter where you go in Beppu, you can be sure to enjoy witnessing the sight of steam from a hot spring rising from the ground. You can even catch a whiff of the retro Showa- era atmosphere at various locations throughout the city.
Among them, AMANE RESORT SEIKAI (Shiosai no Yado Harumi), facing Beppu Bay, is famous for its "Shiosai no Yu", an open-air seafront bath. The bath has the nickname Kaibatsu 0m (0 meter above sea level) to emphasize its close proximity to the sea which is just a stone’s throw away. Soak oneself almost entirely, up till shoulder level in the bath to feel as if you were floating on the sea.
Day bathing is also possible for customers having meals in the resort.
Another open-air panoramic bath on the eighth floor that is only for guests staying at the resort is “Shoyo no Yu” that boasts a 180-degrees view along the bay. With the tubs and flooring made of cypress wood, one is instantly healed by the tranquil Japanese atmosphere. At night, one can either gaze at the night scene or appreciate the moonlight that is reflected on the calm sea. Bathing in the morning to catch the sunrise along the horizon is also highly recommended.

Tenku Yubo Seikaiso is another ryokan (Japanese style inn) that features a pictorial landscape view of graceful Beppu Bay and the neighboring Shikoku region. Its top floor consists of 4 outdoor baths named “Hokutoshichisei (Big Dipper)”, “Nagareboshi (Shooting Star)”, “Ginga (Galaxy)” and “Amanogawa (The Milky Way)”, following the concept of 4 springs that lead to heaven. These baths can be reserved for a private moment together with families or friends. Another unique point of the hot spring is that its bath floors and bath tubs are made of cypress wood, creating a warm, cozy and healing Japanese atmosphere that will put you in the mood to relax and enjoy the day view of the sprawling sea and sky integrated as one, or the night lights of the bay.
You will also be pampered with a wide selection of different baths. The bath’s flooring is also one-of-a-kind as it is covered with tatami mat, which is user friendly towards children and the elderly.


AMANE RESORT SEIKAI (Shiosai no Yado Harumi)

Access :6-24 Shoningahama-cho, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Operating hours :9am to 8pm

Operating hours :From Hakata Station, take the Limited Express Sonic for about 2 hours and get off at JR Beppu Station. Then, it takes an approximately 15 minutes by bus to the Kamekawa Bypass Iriguchi bus stop.

Website :https://www.seikai.co.jp/english/


Tenku Yubo Seikaiso

Access :3-14-3 Kitahama, Japan, Beppu City,Oita Prefecture

Operating hours :

How to get there :From Hakata Station, take the Limited Express Sonic for about 2 hours and get off at JR Beppu Station. It is approximately another 10 minutes' walk from there.

Website :http://www.seikaiso.com/en/



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