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Furukawa Fish Market

Calling all sashimi lovers - if your last meal ever would be a chirashi don, then the Furukawa Fish Market in Aomori will be your idea of heaven. The only don you need to know in this market is the "Nokke-don". Translating loosely to “a bowl of rice with toppings”, you get to customise your dream bowl filled only with the types of sashimi and toppings you like.

Plus, Aomori has the reputation of being home to Japan’s freshest fish. So it really is as fresh as it gets. You can also expect the sashimi here to bear a richer taste thanks to the colder waters of the Northern prefecture.

Much like coupons at a carnival, you simply purchase tickets which are then used to exchange for the items you want in your nokke-don instead of fumbling with cash at every stall. For example, a scallop will require two tickets, while salmon will require one.

I personally prefer Furukawa Fish Market over Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market because it’s hardly packed with tourists; I found mostly locals here.

Furukawa Fish Market

Price: 5 tickets for 650 Yen, or 10 tickets for 1300 Yen

Address: 1 Chome-11-16 Furukawa, Aomori, Aomori Prefecture 030-0862

Opening Hours: 7AM-4PM, Daily. Closed on Tuesdays.


How to get there

Nearest station to Furukawa Fish Market is the JR Aomori Station. It is about 5 minutes' walk from the station to Furukawa Fish Market.

Article by TheSmartLocal.com


Address: Furukawa Fish Market
Website: https://www.en-aomori.com/food-013.html
Phone: 017-763-0085



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