Katayama Sake Brewery - Sake made with Nikko's water

Founded in 1880, Katayama Sake Brewery is a famous brewery in the Nikko/Kinugawa region, Tochigi Prefecture. With the knowledge that quality water is essential for brewing delicious sake, the founder of Katayama Sake Brewery travelled in search of high-quality water and finally found it in Nikko City. Here, there is a “Sake Spring”, one of the Three Spiritual Waters of Nikko known to produce good sake. The Daiya River flows through Nikko’s mountains with the “Sake Spring” as its source. Water from the river’s undercurrents, known as “Senryosui”, is what Katayama Sake Brewery has been using since its founding. “Senryosui” is soft water with a good mouthfeel, drawn from 16m underground, and produces sake with a mild taste and aroma.

Aside from water, Katayama Sake Brewery also uses top-quality rice and yeast. Using Nikko’s famous spring water, A grade Yamada Nishiki rice from Hyogo Prefecture, special yeast developed in Tochigi Prefecture, and brewing techniques handed down from the Echigo Toji, it is no wonder that Katayama Sake Brewery has won a gold medal at the New Sake Appraisal held in Japan. Do make advance reservations to visit the brewery in order to witness the “Sase-style” squeezing technique that has been passed down the generations.


Access :Katayama Sake Brewery Japan, 〒321-1263, Tochigi-ken, Nikko-shi, Segawa 146-2

Operating hours :10am to 4pm *12pm to 1pm is lunch break (Closed for Obon holidays: Aug 13-16, Dec and Year-end holidays: Dec 29 – Jan 4)

How to get there :From Tokyo, walk 5 minutes to the Nijubashi mae station. Take the train to Kita-senju Station on the Chiyoda line. From Kita-senju Station, take the Tobu Nikko Line to Kami-Imaichi Station. It is about 10 minutes' walk from Kami-Imaichi Station

Website :http://www.kashiwazakari.com/english.html



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