Namahage Museum

Namahage is a traditional folk event, held during New Year’s Eve in Akita Prefecture, Oga peninsula.

This is depicted by men wearing demon-like ogre masks and straw capes giving punishments to those who sit idly by. Food and sake are normally offered to the Namahage to appease them.

Best time to visit: All seasons

Namahage Museum

Price: 500 Yen (~S$6.5)

Address: Aza-Mizukuisawa, Shinzan, Kitaura, Oga, Akita Prefecture

Opening Hours: 8.30AM-5PM

How to get there: Namahage Museum is about 20 minutes’ drive from JR Hadachi Station. From Tokyo, take the JR Akita Shinkansen Komachi to JR Akita Station in 4 hours. From JR Akita Station, take the JR Oga line to JR Hadachi Station about 1 hour.


Address: Aza-Mizukuisawa, Shinzan, Kitaura, Oga, Akita
Phone: 0185-33-3033




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