Osu Aichi, Osu Niomon Dori Nagoya’s lively otaku paradise

Nagoya may not be recognised for its Anime (otaku) culture, but the area of Osu is a great place to explore for its youth culture. With around 400 shops and restaurants lining the long, covered shopping street (known as a shotengai), the shopping experience here is diametrically the opposite to the huge shopping malls of Sakae. Instead of big brands that are typical at big department stores, you’ll find a diverse collection of shops selling everything from electronics to pop culture merchandise. 

Osu’s Niomon Dori shopping street is anchored on one end by the striking Buddhist temple of Osu Kannon and a giant maneki neko (fortune cat) statue on the other end where you can watch live performances and events by local idols on the weekends. The area boasts a large number of stores specialising in both new and used anime, manga, video games, cosplay outfits, and collectible figurines.

In addition to a growing number of maid cafes, as well as bars and cafes with anime themes. Osu also hosts a variety of events, ranging from traditional temple festivals to unique cosplay parades.


Access: The Osu shopping area is easily accessible by walking from Osu Kannon Station.



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