Seared Bonito

~Kochi’s Most Famous Dish!~

Tosa City in Kochi Prefecture is famous for the tradition of catching bonito with a rod and line, and the prefecture’s specialty dish of seared bonito is an absolute must-eat.

◆iThe first bonito of spring and the return bonito of autumn are particularly delicious!

To prepare seared bonito, the scales are removed and the fish is cooked with the skin on. It’s grilled over a straw fire until the outer layer caramelises and then cut into 1-cm thick slices. It’s served on a large plate with plenty of condiments such as onion, ginger and perilla, and eaten with a sauce.

◆Have a go at making it yourself

Kochi Prefecture has various places offering the chance to make seared bonito for yourself. If you’re there while the fish is in season, it’s definitely worth a try. There are various options available: For adventurous foodies, there are sessions allowing you start from the first step of trimming the fish; while more cautious cooks may prefer to simply grill the fish over a straw fire. The experience comes highly recommended for food enthusiasts. Booking is required.


Address: Tosa City and other locations in Kochi Prefecture
Phone: 088-852-2151




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