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Story Ride an Overnight Ship to Hachijojima, One of the Nine Izu Islands of Tokyo!
Head South of Tokyo for a Tropical Adventure
By JNTO on 15 September 2022

The 11 southern islands of Tokyo (nine of the Izu Islands and two of the Ogasawara Islands) are undiscovered pockets of paradise that offer a distinct contrast to the vast metropolis that Tokyo is famous for. 


tokai kisen ship

©Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd


The Ship to Hachijojima


Plane access from Tokyo to Hachijojima is approximately an hour but if you favour the experience of unique traveling, Tachibana-Maru is an overnight ship that brings you to Hachijojima as well. With its distinct yellow colour and rugged appearance, the Tachibana-Maru offers facilities that make each ride the most comfortable for its passengers.


tokai kisen ship japanese-style rooms

©Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd


There are different accommodation options available depending on passenger needs, ranging from first-class cabins that include bunk beds and Japanese-style room configurations to deluxe cabins with twin beds.


tokai kisen ship deluxe room

©Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd


The ship comes equipped with ample facilities for a smooth journey to Hachijojima, with a calming seascape view to boot. A restaurant offers hearty Japanese meals for its passengers, and there are vending machines for late-night snacks or drinks. Coin-operated showers are also available for freshening up. The journey takes about 10 hours and a half from Tokyo’s Takeshiba Pier.


tokai kisen ship restaurant

©Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd


Discover the Wonders of Hachijojima


hachijojima coastline

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


Formed by two adjacent volcanoes, Hachijojima offers a feel of the tropics in the height of Japan’s summer, with its pristine greenery and abundance of onsen resorts and beachside accommodations. It is also a choice destination for hikers and those who wish to get up close to marine life!


Hikers: Scale Mount Nishi and Stop by Fureai Farm


people hiking up mt. nishi at hachijojima

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


Scale greater heights at Mount Nishi, also known as Mount Hachijo-Fuji due to its resemblance to Japan’s tallest peak. It offers unmatched views of the horizon that lies across the Philippine Sea.


A cow on the grass

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


On the way up to Mount Hachijo-Fuji, you can take a quick detour to Fureai Farm which offers spectacular views of the vast expanse of farmland. An observation deck at the end of the field allows visitors to gaze into the vast ocean and nearby Hachijojima Airport, where planes can be seen departing and arriving.


Marine Life Enthusiasts: Explore the Waters Around Sokodo Beach


sokodo beach

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


Sokodo Beach is located minutes away from Hachijojima’s main ship port and features a tide pool suitable for children. The variety of marine life here makes it suitable for both snorkelling and scuba diving. Aside from a variety of soft and hard corals, there are also angelfish, butterfly fish, sea slugs and sea urchins to name a few.


Indulge in Relaxation While Soaking in an Outdoor Onsen


hachijojima outdoor onsen

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


For those looking to soak in an onsen during their tropical vacation, there are seven onsens, including an ashiyu (Japanese for foot bath), available in Hachijojima. Some notable onsens include Uramigataki Onsen, a rotenburo or open-air onsen that is surrounded by views of forestry and a waterfall, and Sueyoshi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu, which has both an indoor and outdoor onsen that affords a view of the Milky Way.


hachijojima sunset

©Hachijojima Tourism Association


With gorgeous scenery and plenty of activities to choose from in a destination within close proximity to Tokyo, Hachijojima is certainly an ideal destination for travellers who are looking for a short tropical getaway.


Tokaikisen Takeshiba Pier (Ship Departure Point)
Address: 1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022, Japan 
Website: https://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/en/ourship/tachibana/


Sokodo Port Hachijojima
Address: 4184-1 Mitsune, Hachijo Town, Hachijojima, Tokyo 100-1511, Japan
Website: https://www.hachijo.gr.jp/

*Depending on the sea condition, the ship might arrive at Yaene Port, located on the other side of Hachijojima.


Header image: ©Hachijojima Tourism Association


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