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About Hachijojima Island


Tropical Paradise off the coast of Tokyo


Located 290km south from Tokyo, Hachijyojima Island can be described as a tropical Tokyo right in the path of the Black current(Warm current). It is only a 50min airplane ride from Haneda airport in Tokyo.
There are many diving points all around this 60km radius Island, all offering great visibility all year round. Due to it’s isolated location in the middle of the Pacific, this Island is popular among the Japanese divers for it’s dynamic underwater terrain and the diversity of marine life. The beautiful endemic Wrought-iron butterflyfish(Chaetodon daedalma) and Red tail trigger fish (Xanthichthys mento)are among the most favorites.


What you can see







What you can see


All year round:


-Variety of nudibranch
-Variety of Shrimps and Crabs
-Variety of Macro marine life
-Wrought-iron butterflyfish(Chaetodon daedalma)
:In Schools Spring and Autumn
-Red tail trigger fish (Xanthichthys mento)
-Banded boarhead(Evistias acutirostris)


During the Autumn season:


-School of Greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili)
-School of Rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulata)
-School of Dogtooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor)


During the Autumn season:


-Harlequin shrimp(Hymenocera picta)


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