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Food & Drink

Nagasaki's Gourmet Specialties

Exquisite Foods of the Goto Islands


Travel around Kyushu to find mouth-watering foods throughout the prefecture, which will surely replenish energy for your trip. Here are some of the specialty foods and gourmet dishes that can be relished in the Goto Islands.


Seasonal Seafood


Want to enjoy some fresh, quality seafood? The Goto Island area is the ideal place to stop by. Goto Island boasts abundant catches of horse mackerel, squid and shellfish, along with flying fish that are commonly used as soup broths. The soft-textured, aromatic smoked bonito is also well-loved as one of the region's specialties!




Goto Beef


The Goto Beef is a variety of wagyu cattle that have been bred in the Goto Islands. The breeds are fed with grass that has been exposed to the ocean breeze—adding the unique umami flavor and the buttery texture to the beef.




Goto Tenobe Udon


As one of the signature local dishes of the area, the Goto Udon is known as one of the three best udons of Japan. The thin yet firm noodles have their own unique texture, creating a great match with the deep flavors of the flying fish-based soup stock. Once you go in for your first bite, you will be slurping down the whole bowl in a matter of minutes!



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