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Food & Drink

Niigata's Gourmet Specialties

The Rich Taste of Niigata's Water and Nature


Niigata prefecture is known for its variety of produce, from rice and various agricultural products to seafood, thanks to its bountiful ocean and rich agricultural lands. Here are some popular foods to try during your diving trip in Niigata.


Bountiful Rice and Local Sake


Niigata is the top producer of rice in Japan, most celebrated for Koshihikari rice. Niigata produces rice that is used in sake, or rice wine, with sake breweries dotted throughout the prefecture. Hit the Obata Sake Brewery to peek in on the authentic sake brewing process while sipping on their delicious, freshly-made sakes!




Fresh Seafood


Throughout the year, a large amount of seafood is caught from the bountiful oceans to be used as ingredients in amazing gourmet creations. Niigata delicacies that will happily fill your stomach include the Wappameshi, rice cooked with dashi broth topped with seasonal seafood, served in special bento boxes made of thin sheets of cedarwood, and the Burikatsudon, a rice bowl topped with fried yellowtail.




Hegi Soba


Popular nationwide as the local soba noodles of Niigata Prefecture, Hegi soba is served in many restaurants throughout the prefecture and is a must-try noodle dish while you're visiting. Mixed with funori seaweed collected from the Niigata waters, the soba noodles are characterized by their elasticity, smooth consistency, and aroma that slightly resembles the scent of the ocean.



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