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Shizuoka's Gourmet Specialties

Good-Natured Dining


Shizuoka lies between the base of Mt. Fuji and the sea. Meandering rivers connect the inland to Suruga Bay, dotted with picturesque rocky islets. With an abundance of natural amenities, the region is home to as many scenic views as tasty dishes.


Sakura Ebi


In Suruga Bay, small pink shrimp called sakura ebi are nourished by the pure water from the snowmelt of Mt. Fuji. With a sweet taste and soft shell, they are usually eaten whole, either raw, fried, or sun-dried. Locals have harvested sakura ebi for 120 years. Head to the seaside town of Yui in the spring or autumn for great shots of Mt. Fuji framed by fields of the vivid pink shrimp drying in the sun.




Saltwater Eel


Eel is considered a delicacy in Japan, and Shizuoka's saltwater eel (anago) is no exception. Raised in the saltwater of Hamana Lake, the eel is often dipped in a sweet, soy-based sauce and broiled. It is typically served simply with steamed rice and Japanese pickles.




Green Tea


Shizuoka is known as the green tea capital of Japan. The tea produced here is called Shizuoka-cha and is well-loved throughout the country. During the tea-leaf picking season, stunning views of the tea farm and Mount Fuji can be seen from the Makinohara Plateau.



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