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Food & Drink

Toyama's Gourmet Specialties

The Diverse Local Cuisine of Toyama


Toyama Prefecture, near the Noto Peninsula on the Sea of Japan, is heaven for foodies and fans of seafood in particular. Its local dishes reflect the diverse environment of the area, utilizing the bounty of the sea, mountains, and rivers.


Ghostly Firefly Squid


If you find yourself in Toyama in March, you'll quickly discover it's firefly squid (hotaru ika) season. Their eerie bioluminescence lights up fishing ports and surrounding waters at night. Firefly squid are not closely related to any other animal, and the fishing season is restricted to one month, so you probably won't have a second chance to try this rare local delicacy. Firefly squid are small and delicate, so it is best to enjoy them fresh.




Fresh Bay Oysters


Local rock oysters are harvested all summer long in Toyama Bay and are found at most seaside restaurants. While freshly shucked raw oysters are always popular, they are delicious grilled or deep-fried and can also lend a briny freshness to rice dishes.




Pressed Sushi


One of the prettiest specialties of Toyama is masu sushi. Local river trout is layered over sushi rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves and pressed to form a cake of pink, white and green.



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