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Trekking (Miharayama / Tenjoyama etc.)

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Hiking in Tokyo's Izu Islands


The clear blue waters surrounding the Izu Islands are renowned for their marine activities. There are pristine beaches and popular spots for diving, snorkeling, fishing and surfing. Lesser-known are the islands' spectacular mountains and dynamic natural environments, perfect for hiking.


Oshima's Mt. Mihara


Oshima is the closest of the Izu Islands to Tokyo and the easiest to access. The entire island is dotted with active, yet closely monitored and safe-to-explore, volcanoes. Mt. Mihara is the central mountain and the symbol of the island. Numerous hiking trails traverse the mountain, leading to a crater deep enough to fit a 60-story building.


Kozushima's Mt. Tenjo


Kozushima is 3.5 hours from Tokyo by high-speed ferry. The striking Mt. Tenjo dominates the small island. Several hiking trails lead up to the summit passing through vegetation and unusual landscape details, such as a small "desert" of white sand. The view from the top, looking over the ocean, is spectacular.


Hiking in Japan


Aside from Tokyo, Japan has a wealth of areas that are popular for hiking. The foothills of Mt. Fuji and the archipelago's many other mountains offer gorgeous treks that should be an addition to your travel plans.



How to get there


Oshima is accessible by boat or plane from Tokyo. Reach Kozushima from Tokyo by plane, jet ferry or passenger ship.


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