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Diving Destination Yamaguchi Prefecture Kyoto of the West

About Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a prefecture of Japan in the Chugoku region of the main island of Honshu.
7% of the total area is designated as Natural Parks, Quasi-National Parks and Prefectural Natural Parks. As it located on the western tip of the Chugoku area, it is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the Setouchi inland Sea. Yamaguchi is famous for the delicacy called “Fugu” (Poisonous Puff fish). A government licensed chef will prepare the dish to make sashimi from this fish. Very expensive but an experience you may want to try.
Diving wise, there are many diving places around Yamaguchi area. The waters are filled with endemic marine life.
The Setouchi inland sea is an unique marine environment.


Beach entry into the beautiful underwater terrain

An Island off the cost of Nagatoshi of Yamaguchi prefecture. The Island is accessible by a bridge. This diving area is famous because for the night diving. During the month of April to May, underwater photographer from all over japan gather here to shoot for the underwater deep critters gathering abound the torch during night diving. If your a keen night diving photographer, this is the place to visit.





See the endangered Zooxanthellate scleractinian coral(Alveopora japonica)


Located in the far east of Yamaguchi prefecture, this diving area consists of 30 small Island group. This spot is famous for it's largest plant vegetation of Zooxanthellate scleractinian coral(Alveopora japonica) in Japan. This rare coral is in the endangered red list and only found in the Japan and the surrounding ocean.





Near the capital of Yamaguchi prefecture


Located at Shimonoseki City, the are consists of 1 Beach entry point and 3 Boat diving points. The visibility is stable all year round averaging to about 10m. You can enjoy both the dynamic underwater terrain and the abundance of marine animals.





Located 14km off the coast of Hagi city, Yamaguchi It is a diving site that is getting popular among the local divers. The reasons are firstly the visibility. The average visibility is said to be around 15m. With the strong current coming in, you can encounter large size school of fishes. On the reef called "Lion Rock", you can find nudibranch and other smaller macro marine life.



Futaoijima Island 

2 wreck diving points


It is a small Island of only 100 residents in the Kanmon Straits. This area, although artificially made, has 2 sunken fishing boat to enjoy. 1 boat"Myoko maru" at 24m and "Rokuren Maru" at 27m. With this artificial reef for the marine animals , you will certainly be entertained.




The dynamic diving area located at the doorway to the Ocean of Japan


Located 45km off the coast of Yamaguchi prefecture, Mishima is a diving spot only 3 month(July to September) during the year.
During this time of the year, the Tsushima warm current hits Mishima directly, and from this, you will have the chance to see a large group of schooling Tuna, skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) and many other fishes.
The visibility can go up to 20-30m, water temperature 25-29C.





Popular marine activity destination for the locals, Murotsu is also popular among the divers because of it's great visibility. The boat points are about 22-30m deep.
Due to the nutrient rich environment, some divers say that the macro marine life is much larger than compared to other diving locations around Japan.




Dive the beautiful Honshu beach


Located at Shimonoseki City, this diving area is near the Yoshimo Beach. It is a shallow sandy bottom area with maximum depth of 8m. Due to the ocean current, you can enjoy the tropical fishes from the south.


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