Kokoen Garden 姫路城西御屋敷跡庭園 好古園

Himeji Castle Nishioyashiki-ato Garden Koko-en
Himeji Castle Nishioyashiki-ato Garden Koko-en

Nine different walled gardens in one next to Himeji Castle

Kokoen is a Japanese garden located next to Himeji Castle . It is made up of nine separate walled gardens designed in various styles reflective of Edo-period architecture. The gardens were opened in 1992 to commemorate the centenary of Himeji City .

How to Get There

You can reach the garden on foot from Himeji Castle or Himeji Station.

Kokoen is next to Himeji Castle, just a short walk from the castle's main gate. The garden is a 20-minute walk or five-minute bus ride from Himeji Station.

Different gardens in Kokoen

Kokoen is built on the former site of the west residence of Himeji Castle's daimyo lord. There are nine different gardens within Kokoen, including a Japanese water garden, a tea garden, an evergreen garden, a bamboo garden, and a flower garden. The gardens are designed to reflect the best of Japan's four seasons.

The architecture of Kokoen

Kokoen has the magnificent Himeji Castle as its backdrop. The gardens are built in the style of the Edo period (1603-1867) matching the architecture of Himeji Castle , and are complete with a tsuiji wall—a mud wall with a tiled roof—and Yashikimon and Nagayamon gates.

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