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Koka Ninja Village 甲賀の里 忍術村

Koka Ninja Village Koka Ninja Village
Koka Ninja Village Koka Ninja Village

Sneaky fun times at the Ninja Village

Get a feel for the life of a spy at the expansive Koka Ninja Village. Packed full of activities to test your ninja skills, a visit to the village will transform you into a legendary, stealthy shinobi.

How to Get There

Walk or take a taxi from JR Koka Station.

From Kyoto, take the JR Biwako Line—also known as the Tokaido Main Line—to Kusatsu. Change for the JR Kusatsu Line to Koka (about one hour). From JR Koka Station, the Ninja Village is a 30-minute walk. Alternatively, take a taxi.

Don't Miss

  • Experience walking on water
  • Try on some ninja clothes
  • Master the art of throwing shuriken stars

Are you ninja material?

Like the Koka Ninja House, the Koka Ninja Village is part of the Koka area's heritage as the home of Koka school ninja clans. In the 1400s, local warriors became famous for their stealthy methods and their ability to pass unseen in Koka's mountainous terrain. Over time, clans of hired fighters developed, known as shinobi ("sneaky") or ninja. The image of a black-clad warrior in the shadows comes from later folklore and even kabuki.

Try out the training routines of Koka-school ninja clans

The Koka Ninja Village is a fun way to explore the legendary training routines of Koka's ninja clans. There are several buildings with staff to demonstrate tricks and tools from ninja training as well as their fighting techniques. You can rent ninja clothing and learn how to climb rock walls, use the "spider" technique to walk on water, and throw shuriken stars for target practice. You'll also see evasive features built into the houses, like traps and secret escapes.

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