Hikawa Riverbank Cherry Blossoms 斐伊川堤防桜並木

Row Of Cherry Trees On Hiikawa River Bank
Row Of Cherry Trees On Hiikawa River Bank

Beautiful cherry blossoms and a slow way of life

Lined with 800 cherry trees, the banks of the Hikawa River in the town of Kisuki are one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in all of Japan. Visit this spot during the Kisuki Sakura Festival for a dynamic cherry blossom experience.

Don't Miss

  • Fireworks cascading over the cherry trees
  • Taking a photo from Negai pedestrian bridge
  • Enjoying some festival food

How to Get There

Walk to the river banks from Kisuki Station on the Kisuki Line.

Kisuki Station is a 30-minute train ride from Shinji Station, halfway between Izumo and Matsue on the main Sanin Line.

Kisuki Sakura Festival

With two kilometers of cherry trees to enjoy, you can easily find your own tree to sit under. The Kisuki Sakura Festival takes place from late March through to late April, though the peak viewing days cannot be predicted until a couple of weeks before. Bring your own food or choose from the many food stalls on-site.

Nighttime flower viewing and fireworks

The site is beautiful at night as the trees are illuminated and red lanterns are strung along the main path. Fireworks displays add to the experience.

Slow cows, slow grapes, slow trains

The area around Kisuki has connections to the Slow Food Movement. Kisuki Dairy is the dairy equivalent of a craft brewery. Milk and products like ice cream and yoghurt are much sought after. At the small, award-winning Okuizumo Winery, sample home-made food with the company's wines and enjoy vineyard views from the on-site cafe. As the gateway to the remote and mythical Okuizumo region, the rail line from Kisuki heads up into the mountains and on past the ski-areas around Mt. Hiba in Hiroshima. Take the scenic Orochi Train for spectacular mountain views.

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