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Tsuruma Park 鶴舞公園

Tsuruma Park Tsuruma Park
Tsuruma Park Tsuruma Park

A park reflecting Japan's history and present

In the center of Nagoya , Tsuruma Park is a popular green space where you can relax, play and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom.

How to Get There

From Nagoya Station, take the JR Chuo Line for Tajimi to Tsurumai Station. Your journey will take around seven minutes.

Quick Facts

Tsuruma Park's history goes back to 1909

The park is home to around 1,200 cherry blossom trees

Under the cherry blossom trees

Tsuruma Park is a beautiful representation of co-existing Western and Eastern aesthetics. You will find a European-style park with a fountain tower, flower beds and rose gardens, as well as traditional Japanese-style gardens with ponds and a calamus garden.

Tsuruma Park is well known for its abundance of cherry blossom trees. Each spring, from late March to early April, you can join the locals for the cherry-blossom viewing hanami festival, eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Flowers, fun, and games

Tsuruma Park holds festivals throughout the year, such as the Azalea Festival in April and the Chubu Walkathon in May.

As well as a playground for children, the park also has a baseball field and is extremely popular with both joggers and Pokemon Go! enthusiasts.


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